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    How to care for your wooden chopping boards

    It’s time to talk about another kitchen essential – the chopping board. When it comes to kitchen utensils, nothing gets quite as much consistent use. As well as being practical, chopping boards can bring character and style to your kitchen as you use them to prepare meal ingredients or for serving food on when you have guests over.

    Wooden chopping boards are a great choice because not only do they possess anti-microbial properties, but they are also resilient, heat-resistant, and more environmentally friendly than plastic.

    With daily use, chopping boards can often start to look a little worse for wear, so here’s some top tips on how to care for your board and keep it looking great for longer.

    Cleaning your wooden chopping board

    • Don’t leave your chopping board to soak in water as this can cause the wood to soak up the water, weakening it and causing it to soften.
    • Ensure your board is completely dry before storing it away.
    • Wash your chopping board gently with a cloth and a mild detergent. Use warm water and gently brush your board down before rinsing and drying thoroughly.
    • For an extra clean once a month, rub your wooden chopping board down with coarse salt and lemon which acts as a natural sanitiser.

    Avoid damaging your chopping board

    • Be gentle with your wooden chopping board and avoid using a scourer or anything abrasive on it while cleaning.
    • Avoid using the dishwasher to clean your board as the water will be too hot and the detergent too strong.
    • Don’t use cooking oils to oil your wooden boards as most will start to go rancid, resulting in unpleasant smells. Instead, use a food-grade mineral oil or food-grade beeswax.

    Storing your chopping board

    • Leave your board to dry completely before putting it away. This is essential to keep it in good condition. Failing to do so can cause the wood to soften, crack and go mouldy over time.
    • After a gentle wipe down, leave your board to air dry for as long as possible before storing it in a clean, dry place.
    • A good tip is to leave your board out on the side where you like to prepare your food - then you’re always ready to start cooking.

    If it’s time for a refresh, you can check out the full range of Blackmoor chopping boards here.


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