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    Blackmoor is excited to announce the launch of its new affordable, hardwearing range of cast iron  pots and pans. This new range comes in three different colours, black, red, and grey, and prices start from only £26.99.

    For just £99.99, you can purchase the whole  cast iron range. Give your family lots of lovely home-cooked meals for a fraction of the price that other cast iron pots and pans would cost, with all the quality.

     Cast Iron Griddle £26.99

    This traditional 24cm cast iron griddle pan is a robust and hardwearing kitchen appliance that will allow you to cook a wide array of meals and will emboss the perfect sear on your fish, meats and vegetables when cooking at home in the kitchen.

    This cast iron griddle pans’ enamel coating allows for the easy release of foods from the pan to the plate, making it the perfect kitchen pan for braising, simmering, broiling, roasting, and baking a wide variety of foods.

    The cast iron griddle pan features the classic raised ridges on the cooking surface that deliver a  striking sear to your food. It  comes complete with a handy pouring lip that allows you to easily discard any excess fats or liquids during  the cooking process.

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    Cast Iron Casserole Dish with Lid £34.99

     This traditional 22cm cast iron casserole dish is a hardwearing and ultra-durable kitchen appliance that is the perfect cookpot to be used when making delicious stews, casseroles, or soups.

    This cast iron casserole dish features an enamel coating to ensure you can transfer your cooking out of the pot with ease. The enamel coating on the cast iron casserole pot makes it resistant to acidic and alkaline foods, which enables you to marinade your foods in the dish and store it in the fridge before cooking.

    The casserole dish features two easy-grip handles on either side of the pot that provide an easy way to take the pan in and out of the oven.

    This casserole dish can be placed in the oven at temperatures of up to 260 degrees.

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    Cast Iron Low Casserole Dish with lid £44.99

    The unique low-walled cast iron casserole dish is an ultra-durable, classic kitchen appliance. This low casserole dish measures 28cm in diameter, and the 2.5L volume capacity is spread out over a wider  surface thanks to the shallow nature of the pot. Its shape and size make it the best pot for browning meats and vegetables, as well as simmering risottos, stir fry, and most impressively baking sweet or savoury pies.

    This low cast-iron casserole dish also features the same enamel coating as its taller counterpart, which allows for the easy release of foods and makes the pot resistant to acidic and alkaline foods.

    The casserole dish comes complete with a lid that will ensure the heat stays inside the pot when cooking. This enables flavours to strengthen over time, making it the best cookpot to create dishes that require cooking over low heat for a long duration.

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