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    Pancakes are becoming far more of a staple in British cooking nowadays, whether that’s whipping up a weekend breakfast delight or creating a sweet treat crepe on an average Wednesday. So, if you’re looking to make perfect pancakes ahead of, on, or way beyond the up-and-coming celebrative day of everything Pancake on the 21st - you’ll need the right tools to do the job.

    We're sharing our top tools to ensure your Shrove Tuesday and beyond is flippin’ fantastic.

    Pancake pan: £14.99

    Making a perfect pancake can be hard. Either the batter is sticking to the pan or you’re unable to flip the perfect pancake. With Blackmoor’s 26cm non-stick pancake pan, you will never have any struggles again. This non-stick pancake pan ensures you will need little to no oil when making your culinary delights as once cooked the pancake will slide right off the pan. If you enjoy eating pancakes any day of the year, this pan is the one for you.

    Deluxe Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scales with Bowl: £17.99

    If there is one mistake people make when it comes to making the pancake mixture, it’s not weighing out the right ingredients and just estimating instead. If you don’t have a set of scales, we highly suggest buying some this Pancake Day. These deluxe stainless steel digital kitchen scales are an essential item when it comes to pancakes, and will instantly show you the weight of the flour, sugar, butter, or any other baking ingredients you are using at the time.

    The digital scales have a maximum weight capacity of 5 kg, which will be more than sufficient for measuring out ingredients. The scales have a built-in digital display, which is clear and easy to read and features a unit button that allows you to set your measurement readings to either lb, oz, kg, g, or ml.

    The digital display also features a simple on/off button to bring the device to life, alongside both a low battery warning and an overload warning. The deluxe digital kitchen scales feature a sleek stainless-steel design that will look great in any kitchen, and the scales are easy to clean, requiring only a quick wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new.

    6-Piece Black Utensil Set: £16.99

    When it comes to utensils for Pancake Day, Blackmoor has the perfect set, with every tool you could possibly need.

    The set includes a ladle which is perfect for estimating the right amount of pancake mixture to put into your pan and helps you save a lot of time cleaning up. The set also comes with a solid turner and a slotted turner, both perfect for flipping your pancakes.

    The whole set includes tools that will help you rustle up culinary delights way beyond Pancake Day with its slotted spoon and pasta server.

    Each of the utensils is heat resistant up to 240°C, and is non-scratch, meaning they will never scuff or mark your pots and pans. Each one of the utensils is manufactured from a BPA-free plastic material, and is dishwasher safe, ensuring the easiest of cleans once the cooking has ended.

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