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    A good quality non stick pan can last you for years if you maintain and look after it properly.  These top tips from Blackmoor will ensure that your non-stick stays that way for as long as possible:

    1. Season your pan before the first use

    When you first get your new pan, we recommend that you hand wash it in warm soapy water, and dry thoroughly.  Once it is dry you should “season” your pan before use to give it long lasting protection.  To do this lightly rub cooking oil over the surface, then heat the pan on the hob over a medium heat for two or three minutes. Once it has cooled, simply wipe away any excess oil with some paper towel.

    2. Don’t put pans in the dishwasher

    However tempting it may be to put your dirty pans in the dishwasher, you risk damaging the non stick surface of your pan by doing so.  The best way to clean your pan is by hand, with washing up liquid and a soft sponge – avoid scouring pads and steel wool.

    3. Don’t cook on too high a heat

    When cooking on the hob, whether it be gas, electric or induction, keep the heat at a medium level to avoid damaging the non stick coating.  If your pan is suitable to be used in the oven, check the maximum recommended temperature from the manufacturer to avoid damaging the pan, or the handle.  For example, the Blackmoor Blue Pro range is oven safe to 220oC

    4. Don’t use metal utensils

    To avoid scratching and damaging the non-stick coating of your cookware, we recommend using utensils that are made from either nylon, silicone or wood.

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