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    Blackmoor 28cm Non Stick Wok - £17.99

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    Whatever your cooking skill level, you may have wondered if there is a difference between cooking with a wok and a frying pan. While they look similar and can be used interchangeably, they are not the same and each serves its own purpose. Both are useful to have to hand in any kitchen!

    So what’s the difference?

    Both a wok and frying pan are designed for use on top of the stove. A traditional frying pan has a flat bottom with slightly sloped walls, and they are designed this way to allow for liquids such as oils and sauces to sit evenly across the bottom of the pan. In contrast, a wok has more of a round bottom, which allows the liquids to sit in one spot in the centre. Woks have deep walls that also slope and because of this, they trap in more heat, cooking food quicker than if you were to use a frying pan.

    When to use…

     When to cook with a wok

    • When you need to cook a meal quickly - thanks to its deep, sloped walls, the wok will heat up almost instantly and cook food quicker than other pans.
    • For frying vegetables, the wok should be your ‘go-to’ for perfectly even cooked veggies.
    • If you are cooking with a lot of ingredients as there's plenty of room thanks to the wok having deep walls and a rounded bottom.

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    When to cook with a frying pan

    • If you are cooking soft foods such as fragile meats and vegetables that may break during cooking.
    • When searing meats. Unlike the wok, the frying pan has a flat bottom so it is far better for cooking whole meats.
    • A frying pan can be cleaner to cook with, avoiding overspills and the need to clean up as much after your meal.

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